ICONIP 2009 : 16th International Conference on Neural Information Processing
Bangkok, Thailand, December 1-5, 2009

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Bangkok, Thailand


The following tutorials are inclusive with an ICONIP'09 registration.

  Wlodzislaw Duch,
Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Title: Meta-Learning: towards universal learning paradigms
  Jun Tani,
RIKEN Brain Science Institue, Japan

Title: Synthetic Brain Modeling Studies via Neuro-Robotics Experiments: From the Sensory-Motor Level to the Higher Order Cognition Level
  Lance Chun Che Fung,
Murdoch University, Australia

Title: Neural Solutions for problems in the Power and Energy Industry
  M. Emin Yuksel,
Erciyes University, Turkey

Title: Neuro-Fuzzy Design for Image Processing
  Saed Sayad,
University of Toronto, Canada

Title: Scalable Data Mining
  Irwin King,
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Title: Computational Approaches in Social Computing



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